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Questions about weddings on Mallorca

Will you marry me? YES!

Perfect, the most important question has already been answered – now you have made the decision to get married abroad, either in Mallorca, Menorca or Ibiza. As weddingplanner on your side we know everything about getting married on the Balearic Islands and can take away your doubts and worries. There are certainly some questions, either due to EU directives or Spanish laws, that you should deal with when it comes to destination weddings. How does the planning process work with us? What is the organisational procedure? Is a church ceremony possible on Mallorca? What about logistics: transport and accommodation for your guests on Mallorca? What makes a perfect schedule?

In this FAQ section we would like to answer the most important and frequently asked questions in advance to give you a safe feeling for a possible Mallorca wedding. We cannot guarantee the completeness and correctness of the questions and answers. If you have any further questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email – we will be happy to provide you with the best advice and support.

Are weddings on Mallorca recognized in my country?2022-12-15T19:16:53+01:00

If you are a Catholic and are married by a Catholic priest, we can, under certain circumstances, have your wedding recognised under civil law in Germany. Otherwise, you can only perform a civil wedding in Spain if you also have a residence here.

Is a church wedding possible on the Balearic Islands?2022-12-15T19:31:03+01:00

On Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza there are numerous churches where we can organize a church wedding for you. You can also get married in Mallorca in a classical setting and hold your ceremony in selected churches and chapels. We offer Catholic and Protestant clergy for your church ceremony in Mallorca. These marriage ceremonies are also recognized church-legally in Germany.

Is it possible to get to know the speaker of the ceremony beforehand?2022-12-15T19:23:32+01:00

The speaker clearly wants to get to know you in order to be able to adjust to the respective situation and history. For a successful speech a lot of communication and empathy for your individual love story will lead to the goal. All our free speakers, with whom we cooperate on Mallorca, are open-minded and professional people, who feel and experience your story on the day of the wedding.

Wedding on the beach – is that possible?2022-12-15T19:27:58+01:00

We would say: get married right by the sea? If not on the beautiful sunny island of Mallorca, then where? In principle, it is possible to get married on the beach. However, you need to know that official permission is required. In addition, there are interested spectators, especially in the summer months, as the beaches on Mallorca are public and the area cannot be closed off for the ceremony. For those who like it more intimate, there are therefore great venues, directly by the sea or with a fantastic sea view.

What possibilities are there to get to the location?2022-12-15T19:29:27+01:00

On site we work together with professional shuttle services, which take you from A to B on Mallorca to your wedding venue. We offer you the most different transfer possibilities on Mallorca: from the rental of luxury limousines up to minibuses or even catamaran trips on Mallorca – we have the suitable vehicle for every route.

Are same-sex marriages possible in Mallorca?2022-12-15T19:22:46+01:00

A marriage for all is also legally recognized on the dream island of Mallorca. Like other marriages, you can also register your same-sex marriage at the registry office. The only condition for this is that one of the homosexual spouses can show his tax residence on the island. For gay weddings we offer wonderful free ceremonies on Mallorca after you have done all the registry formalities at home. So even homosexual couples can marry and celebrate in front of the beautiful scenery of Mallorca.

How much time do we need to spend planning the wedding?2022-12-15T19:20:26+01:00

In a first personal consultation, we will work out the points that are important to you for your perfect wedding in Mallorca. Some wishes need more preparation or lead time than others. We work out the optimal event for your most beautiful day in your life. Of course we like to work with long-term planning so that we can achieve the really best realization of your wedding dreams, but we can also conjure up stunning “last-minute-weddings” on Mallorca at short notice.

What are the possibilities to get to Mallorca?2022-12-15T19:30:15+01:00

The Balearic island of Mallorca is well connected to any infrastructure: you can travel by car, ferry, ship or air. Various service providers also offer combined tickets with railways. On Mallorca we can organize an exclusive pick-up service from the airport Palma de Mallorca. In less than 2 hours flight time from Germany you will reach one of the most popular islands for getting married: a wedding on Mallorca, a dream!

How much does a wedding on Mallorca cost us?2022-12-15T19:21:55+01:00

We do not offer all-inclusive weddings, but create for you an individual experience according to your wishes. We will do this according to your budget and what services you would like us to provide. With Mallorca weddings you can leave the complete wedding planning to us and we are at your disposal from the first consultation to the yes-word and also for the time after the wedding celebration. You can also book us only for partial services, such as a free ceremony on Mallorca or provide you with catering and decoration at your disposal. (services)

Marriage proposal on Mallorca: The perfect moment for THE question?2022-12-15T19:21:06+01:00

On Mallorca, propose a marriage to your lover and profit from our huge treasure of wedding stories: we know the most romantic locations on the island. We will find the right beginning for your love story and will be happy to help you realize your courageous plans!

Guests from non-EU countries – what should we bear in mind?2022-12-15T19:24:34+01:00

It should be clarified in advance which country it is exactly. As a general rule, anyone can participate in a wedding on Mallorca who is allowed to travel to other EU neighbouring countries with valid travel documents and in some cases must also present a visa. We will be happy to check this for you on a case-by-case basis.

Can we expect the guests to pay the travel costs?2022-12-15T19:17:43+01:00

If you plan your celebration on a long-term basis (and invite the guests early…), a trip to Mallorca is not more expensive than a flight or a train journey within Germany. Also hotels or holiday houses are sufficiently in the offer with punctual reservation in all price ranges.

Supporting programme: What can we offer our guests on the days surrounding the wedding?2022-12-15T19:18:41+01:00

There are several ways in which you can surprise and entertain your guests in the best possible way. Also before and after the wedding day there are many activities and excursions in Mallorca that you can do wonderfully as a group. (Framework programme)

Sunny island Mallorca: what if it rains?2022-12-15T19:19:30+01:00

In fact, Mallorca offers its guests up to 300 sunny days a year. However, on your special day you can have some bad luck, because we can organise everything for you, except the weather. But what we always offer you: a Plan B. Great alternatives are outdoor tents that can be beautifully decorated so that even in the rain a cosy atmosphere can be created. The wedding ceremony can also be relocated to the interior. We take care of ideal alternative possibilities, so that you can enjoy your wedding in Mallorca relaxed. In fact, we hardly ever need these alternative possibilities…

You fancy a Mallorca wedding but are already married?2022-12-15T19:14:54+01:00

Then renew your vows or celebrate your silver, gold, or platinum wedding with a glittering celebration. Maybe there is another reason to celebrate with us! We are also happy to plan birthdays or simply a great summer party. There is always a good reason to celebrate!

Do you also organise baptisms in Mallorca?2022-12-15T19:15:51+01:00

I’d love to! Talk to us! Many couples who have married with Mallorca weddings also celebrate the baptisms of their children with us.

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