Luxury wedding in Majorca

Perfection in detail, love of the entirety

Luxury – these can be dreams come true or the craziest thing you’ve ever done. At Mallorca Weddings, luxury comes from the dedication to a great idea and the skill to make it come true. Our premium segment offers the space, know-how and discretion to plan exceptional weddings and events on the sunny island.

First Class Wedding? Yes, I do! Many couples want an exclusive setting for their big day, be it an unusual location with a noble ambience and program deluxe or a perfectly organized wedding day on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Prime Weddings are always individual – and as diverse as the personality of our wedding couples. On Mallorca, luxury and lightness can be perfectly combined.

As one of the pioneers in the wedding business on Mallorca, we have won many well-known customers over the years who experienced their dream wedding with us. There remains so much in memory. We don’t want to go into all experiences at this point – discretion stands for our customers and us in the first place. But we can take a look behind the scenes with you and show you what is possible with us.

For example, we had a wedding like 1001 nights. An Arabic-Spanish bridal couple celebrated splendidly first in their respective home countries and we were allowed to organize the coronation on Mallorca: with international singers like James Blunt and other breathtaking artists. We will never forget the construction of an additional terrace with enough space for the guests.

Or an American bridal couple from Nassau (Bahamas), who wished only the best for themselves and their guests. It became a dream Wedding: 1 week together celebrate on Mallorca, every day a new exquisite noble restaurant, boat trips with Champagner and all finesses, costs in the high 6-digit range for the wedding celebration: yes please!

we landed on the island of the rich and beautiful: Tagomago. A noble hiding place for all who want to afford it, not far from Ibiza. Later, the helicopter flight gave the bridal couple and their guests a gallant and pompous wedding on the little island!

This kind and this style are refreshing for us. We love to make such weddings possible and to fulfil every wish for bridal couples. Also because no (financial) framework is set for our creativity and our work. The impossible becomes possible.

Luxury can of course mean something different for everyone: it can be a stylish ambience without any pomp and celebrities, but in pure seclusion without telephone and internet, as for example in a typical Majorcan finca with quality time for the loved ones. You can find all our locations with their special features here:

Ultimately, a dream wedding on Mallorca is not only a gift to the bridal couple, but also to the wedding guests. They become part of a special story and witnesses unforgettable moments that remain in the minds and hearts.

You are warmly welcome with every unusual wedding wish and your interpretation of luxury!

Photocredit: Pablo Costa, Sandra Mañas, Tali Fotografie