The Getting-Ready

the exciting hours before the wedding

More and more bridal couples are celebrating the special hours before the wedding: the so-called “getting-ready” is currently a hot trend in the wedding industry. This involves scheduling the photographer before the actual ceremony and documenting the bridal couple’s preparations. Wonderful detail shots are created: the rings, the bouquet, the make-up utensils, the perfumes, the shoes, the jewellery, the suit, the wedding dress and all the important details for the bridal couple are captured in the pictures. Of course, the champagne with the bridesmaids must not be missing! This creates funny, emotional and spontaneous pictures or video footage of moments that one likes to remember. The yes-word is undoubtedly the decisive moment of every wedding, but the hours before and after the wedding complete the love package.

A popular photo idea is to solo the wedding dress shortly before the perfect moment – when you celebrate a Finca wedding in Mallorca, for example, you can do this on a majestic olive tree.
Or you let the dress appear in an expressive arrangement on the spiral staircase where the proud father receives his daughter before the wedding. How romantic!

There are so many enchanting wedding dresses from our delightful brides: we from Mallorca Weddings have the honour to be a part of these precious moments. We know creative wedding photographers on Mallorca and if you wish we can put your getting-ready on the island of your dreams into action. We capture unique details of the bride & groom as well as the exciting hours for all involved and create unforgettable moments for the bridal couple!